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Our objective is to assist you in becoming the highest you can be in any given moment. The mission of TEI is to be an inspiration to all with whom we come in contact and to give you, our co-worker on this planet, a sense of self along with a passion and compassion for all of life that will last your entire lifetime!
- Maureen J. St. Germain, President

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"Summer News"

Waking Up in 5D - Maureen's newest book!

Scotland Magical Journey

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"Bring in the Golden Glow"

Quick Notes From Maureen
Maureen St Germain
What's New in Our Store!

Announcing the Pre-Release Sale of
Maureen St. Germain's Newest Book,
Waking Up in 5D!
The game has changed! The rules are different!
The new normal is unlike anything you have known from the past. You can be ready for it, but you must sign up personally for your ascension. Between 2004-2012, Maureen noticed the evolving concepts and language of the Fifth Dimensional expression that began to emerge in her workshops and Akashic Records readings. This book provides you with her insights and tools to prepare you for these magnificent changes.
Given the title by her guides, Waking up in 5D will guide you through the rapidly changing environment of your ascension; the ascension of humanity and the planet that will awaken you to the phenomenal opportunities the Fifth Dimensional energies have to offer.
Join Maureen St. Germain on this extraordinary journey, where you apply this 5D understanding, shorten the learning curve and help assist everyone throughout the cosmos to consciously choose 5D -- where love is the governing rule.
  • This book will guide you on your path of ascension.
  • It will support your desire for a sweeter life; one filled with more love, joy, and kindness.
  • It will assist those of you who are interested in esoteric matters, but do not yet understand why.
Humanity is ready! Mother Earth is ready! Reclaim your birthright, and discover the opportunities and experiences that await you in 5D, your new normal.
* For a limited time only! *
As an extra incentive -
I'm offering a big discount for your pre-order.
Use promotion code 5D at checkout for an amazing 33% off.

Be A Genie
by Maureen J. St. Germain
Create Love, Success and Happiness
We are pleased to announce the release of Maureen's new manifestation book, Be A Genie: Create Love, Success and Happiness. Originally offered in 1994 in manuscript form as You are the Genie in the Bottle, Maureen is re-releasing this completely updated version for audiences worldwide!

This book is a life-transforming treasure map for Love, Success and Happiness. You'll learn how to Be A Genie, and follow the easy steps and keys to creating your heart's desire with your partner, the Universe. The simple five-step Genie System introduces you to practical tools to help you realize your life dreams and goals, and is backed up by solid science, secrets of sacred geometry, quantum physics and even chaos theory.

You are holding the keys to conscious creation. The first step is to allow yourself to hold your desired dream equally believable with your current life situation in your thoughts. Maureen takes you through the steps of identifying your present circumstance, clarifying your heart's desire, dealing with your own and other people's doubts, energizing your desired outcome, and creating and sustaining your mind's visualization, your movie-of-the-mind.
Also available for Kindle!

* Flower of Life, MerKaBa Meditation Video *
New Flower of Life, MerKaBa Classic Training Video
by Maureen J. St. Germain
MerKaBa Classic, The Original 17-Breath Meditation
We are pleased to announce the VIDEO release of "MerKaBa Classic, The Original 17-Breath Meditation" by Maureen J. St. Germain. Originally offered as the Flower of Life Workshop, Maureen has recorded her powerful MerKaBa Teaching in DVD video format!
You may order the 3+hour Short Version and learn the MerKaBa meditation, or get the 16-hour Full Seminar and "attend" the entire Flower of Life, MerKaBa Classic workshop, including how to connect with your Higher Self and the Opening of your Heart.
Learn More Here!

Empowerment Card Deck
We are now carrying, in our online store, a deck of Empowerment Cards from Barbara Evans, a gifted spiritual teacher who is an artist and visionary talent. Her drawings of the new "sacred geometry" take my breath away. We KNOW you will love her work!

Empowerment Card Deck
The Empowerment Card Deck is a beautifully boxed set of 42 energetically active cards by Barbara Evans which provide inspirational guidance to awaken deeper aspects of our true self, courageously step into our life purpose and consciously contribute to the creation of the New Earth. These beautiful cards can be used to activate and empower our highest dreams!

Magnificent Meditation Package

Order all of Maureen's CDs for one amazing discounted price!
These Meditations will open your Gateway to Heaven on Earth

Get the complete set of Maureen's Guided Meditations. This package includes all 9 CDs:
MerKaBa II, Mantras for Ascension, Crystal Elohim, Rainbow Angel Meditation, Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity, Sounds from the Great Pyramid (double CD), Fountain of Youth, Open Doors I - Sell Your Home Faster! and Open Doors II - Letting Go.

You may order the Magnificent Meditation Package for just $111!
Full price for these individual CDs would be $151.55, so you save $40.55!

Add CD to Shopping Cart

Enjoy our products!

We've Gone DIGITAL!!

We've Gone DIGITAL!!

Maureen's Guided Meditation CD's
are now available for purchase as MP3 downloads!

Maureen's magical meditation CDs are now available as digital album downloads that you can purchase and use right away on your iPod, MP3 player, or computer! And NO shipping charges!

Album art, liner notes and track listings can be printed out online as well.

Go to the TEI Online Store's
Meditation CD digital album collection!

Flower of Life Blog
The Flower of Life Blog
Maureen has a MerKaBa Blog!
This blog is dedicated to enhancing this sacred information with insights on how to apply it to day-to-day experiences from its author, Maureen St. Germain.

We encourage you to check out our Blog and to post some of your experiences. I'd like to personally invite you, dear reader, to post your experiences with the BFOL book, our new Triple Mantra, or the Hathor Toning experiences. We are doing the same. Keep an eye out for all the magic that is happening on our blog.  Love, Maureen

Maureen's blog topics include the MerKaBa Meditation, Sacred Geometry, advanced MerKaBa teachings and more. Enhance any spiritual practice with Maureen's current information and easy-to-use tools to achieve peace, contentment and mastery.

Check out the latest additions to our online community resource.
We encourage you to share your insights and experiences.

The Flower of Life Blog


CDs: The Open Doors Series - Let It Go!
The Open Doors Series has recently been re-released in CD format with biodegradable, earth-friendly packaging.

The first two of the series are Open Doors I, Sell Your Home Faster! and Open Doors II, Letting Go of Anything!, which are available at our online store in both CD and MP3 formats. The next in the series, Open Doors III, Let Go of Old Relationships, is to help you release a relationship that no longer serves you. We plan to release it later this year.

Vol. I - Sell Your Home Faster!
Unlock the Key to Selling Your Property Faster and Finding a New Place.

Open Doors I Meditation CD
Opportunities abound with this meditation! Create the energy you desire to help you succeed faster and move to a new place. Open Doors can be used to sell your house, find a new place and open doors to a new you. If you feel the need to replace the old and make way for the new, this is the Meditation CD for you.

Vol. II - Letting Go of Anything!
Unlock the Key to Creating New Opportunities.

Open Doors II Meditation CD
This CD consists of a guided meditation to release anything. It guides you through releasing any type of property or possession, whether it is something tangible like a business, or something intangible, such as a job... anything you are having difficulty releasing. It is written in a way that allows you to insert the name of the thing you are releasing.

Book: Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality
A Self-Study Guide for Personal Transformation

Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality book is a reality!

Maureen is proud to present her completely rewritten and updated 2nd edition of the breakthrough book that gives you the personal tools to evolve as a healer or self-evolving individual. Understand and practice ceremonies and invocations for achieving and maintaining clarity.

It's been on the back burner for years. Finally, the long-awaited update to Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality is in stock and available now!

Many of you bought the original copy with it's tiny print because you wanted and needed these ceremonies. Now we have a completely revised and updated version in a regular-sized print along with much more information. And it's priced so you can say "Yes" to owning this new version.

In addition, it's also available on's Kindle and includes the meditation ceremonies that used to be on the CD as a free download. Best of all - it's priced at just $5.99! Why would we make a new book, that is twice the size of the old one, for so much less than the original? Well, because my Higher Self said that was the price. All of the folks we worked with, editors, sponsors, etc. said the same thing, "that's too low!" But Higher Self was adamant. Apparently it's supposed to be so affordable that it's easy for you to say "Yes" to purchase it - and "Yes" as an add-on to other purchases!

What's inside that's so important? We think it is the most important book for you to own. It helps you understand and clear entities, clear curses, clear the suicide entity and much, much more. We know this book is worth more than $5.99. It is 98 pages, completely rewritten and updated with NEW information not included in the first edition. At $5.99 you cannot go wrong! Heck, it's better than a Starbucks and better for you, too. At this price we think you might want to get several copies, one for yourself and a few for your friends. You will thank us later!

Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality will give you tools for your own "Spiritual Makeover!"

Get your copy now! Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality

Book: Beyond the Flower of Life

Beyond the Flower of Life
Multidimensional Activation of your Higher Self, the Inner Guru; Advanced MerKaBa Teachings, Sacred Geometry and the Opening of your Heart.

If you are looking to enhance the MerKaBa practice or are ready to take it to the next level, this book was written with you in mind. If you are already practicing the MerKaBa Meditation and want to make it more fulfilling, I will give you MerKaBa insights to enhance what you already have. If you are looking for more heart centered awareness and understanding to fulfill your mind's longing, these tools help satisfy your mind, so it willingly quiets. If you are looking for Higher Self contact, I offer a practical, achievable roadmap to manifest a 100% accurate relationship with your Higher Self.

Essential Oils: AroMandalas® Essential Oil Blends

AroMandalas Essential Oil Blends
Offered exclusively through Transformational Enterprises, Inc.
Amp up your meditations with these powerful Essential Oils! Combining three spiritual and healing traditions used around the globe since ancient times, we offer a new line of essential oil blends named AroMandalas. Each blend was formulated by our own TEI team member with her Master's Degree in Natural Health focusing on aromatherapy. Their specific purpose is in awakening deep emotional and spiritual memories to enhance and intensify your meditation practice. These blends will push the edges of your experience in combination with Maureen's CDs.

Download our guide to the emotional healing and higher consciousness created with AroMandalas: AroMandalas Healing Guide (PDF)

Amp up your inner growth with both Meditations with Maureen and AroMandalas Essential Oil Blends. You can purchase the AroMandalas with CDs for considerable savings (Sound and Scent Combos) or purchase up to 3 CDs together and save on shipping!

Learn much more about our AroMandalas by visiting our website page:
AroMandalas Blends

Visit Our Online Store

Rainbow Angel Meditation
Sacred Journeys with TEI
Mary Magdalene Legacy
Join TEI for the Mary Magdalene Sacred Journey through France and Spain, October 9-19, 2014.

All the locations on this Sacred Journey resonate a very special frequency that vibrates strongly with the history of the Grail and the "Grail Family" as it is known. These towns are not on the usual Grail tours, but have been personally visited by Maureen in preparation for this journey.

Experience the mystical, magical and divine energy of the love of God that made these places so very special. Click for details

Consultations with Maureen

Personal Consultations with Maureen

Maureen offers a variety of personal consultations for the purpose of assisting you to become your highest self. Consultation types are Akashic Records Readings, Numerology Consultations and Spiritual Guidance Consultations.

She is intuitive and the information she brings through is highly accurate. Her work is focused on your need to resolve some issue or problem or your desire for growth and expansion. A personal session with Maureen can provide information, insight, clearing or healing. If you are looking for personal transformation you have found the right place!

Maureen is also skilled and experienced in using the Osho Zen cards, various Angel cards and Sacred Geometry cards to access your quantum field. Once connected, information flows freely.

Maureen will be delighted to work with you personally by phone, Skype or in person, normally in 50-minute sessions. Due to her solid workshop schedule, weekends are usually unavailable except for class participants and local in-person appointments (before or after workshop hours). When you order any type of consultation, please include your time zone, preferred means of contact and best days and time of day for your session when you place your order. If you are unsure what kind of session you require, choose the Spiritual Guidance Consultation and we will contact you to discover the type of personal assistance that will best meet your needs and set an appointment for it. Please note, all appointments are quoted in Eastern Time USA.

Akashic Records Readings
The Akashic Records are a treasury of your personal knowledge of the past, present, and future. The loving, healing energy of these records is a profound tool of self-exploration and empowerment. Maureen is certified in Akashic Records Readings. Access the wisdom of your own Record Keepers who can guide you and provide you with insights, direction and more. (50 or 80 minute sessions)

View or Download a flyer about Readings: Akashic Records Flyer (PDF)

 Request an Akashic Records Reading

Spiritual Guidance Consultations
Maureen can provide spiritual guidance, personal clearing or entity removal ceremonies, using: Quantum Matrix Healing, Entity Clearing, Soul Retrieval or any other ceremony. These processes are taught in her Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality book and workshop. Other types of personalized sessions or spiritual guidance are available to meet your specific needs and desires. Maureen also works with a team of individuals who do clearing work and are available to do remote clearing on family, friends, co-workers and anyone else who has an adverse influence on you.

 Request a Spiritual Guidance Consultation

Numerology Consultations for Naming Your Company
Numerology is an ancient science applied to modern times that enables you to maximize your time and effort. We work with Pythagorean numerology to evaluate your name, your company name(s), your partners' names, etc. Our goal is to create numbers that work synergistically and harmonize with your goals.

Maureen has conducted countless numerology reports for individuals since 1985. Now she specializes in supporting businesses and limits her practice to corporate naming. There is a minimum 2-hour session for all incorporation consultations for $299. Maureen requires preparation time as well as time on the phone with you, so she may have time to review your information and then brainstorm with you.

Please note we do give priority to numerology requests regarding incorporation and will schedule you as soon as possible based on your urgency.

Maureen will review the name(s), purpose and goals you are considering from a numerology perspective and also from a business success standpoint. She will evaluate names that are under consideration to make sure they harmonize with your name, your partners' names, goals and dates of birth. As a direct channel, she can also look into the positive energy around your business and name selections and verify the name with the greatest energy for your happiness and financial success.

Maureen says, "John Lennon was known for chanting. During the early years of the Beatles, he drove their van all over Europe, asking all inside to respond to his call, 'Where are we going?' 'Straight to the top!' 'What will we find when we get there?' 'Fame and fortune!' Paul recalls, 'We forgot to include happiness.'"

Please provide:

  • Your due date for needing this information
  • Your legal name
  • Any partners' legal names
  • Your birthday and those of all partners
  • Your street address (especially your unit/apartment/suite number if you have one)
  • The same summary you provided to astrologer Madeline Gerwick (if you consulted her)
  • Any other information you think is pertinent.

 Request a Numerology Consultation

"After just two half-sessions, we clarified my name, business name, title, a tag line, and a few other items. Some of these questions had been tormenting for me for six years, so the sessions provided some much needed relief. I feel much more in harmony with myself and confident in moving forward." Holly - Trainer

MerKaBa Classic Workshop
Maureen with Drunvalo
The Flower of Life and Drunvalo

"Sacred Geometry is replicated in every chromosome in every cell of your body, throughout all of nature, the solar system and the universe. Understanding and working with these sacred images will revive a forgotten, ancient way of breathing and a higher purpose for the pineal gland. This breathing process, practiced on Earth 13,000 years ago, is the key that connects us to the MerKaBa, often referred to as the 'Vehicle for Ascension'. The MerKaBa is a crystalline energy field integrating specific geometric shapes that expand around the body for 55 feet."  - Drunvalo Melchizedek

Maureen was personally trained as a Certified Flower of Life Facilitator by Drunvalo Melchizedek in 1995.

Learn to activate your MerKaBa today! Take the Flower of Life, MerKaBa Classic workshop!

Course Description: Flower of Life, MerKaBa Classic Workshop

Course Description: Advanced MerKaBa Workshop

General Information: Frequently Asked Questions

Course Schedule: MerKaBa Classic Workshops

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Maureen J. St. Germain
Maureen St. Germain leads workshops in personal development and spiritual awakening.  As a seeker she shares the knowledge she has gained from twenty-five years of study in ancient truths.

Personally trained as a Certified Flower of Life Facilitator by Drunvalo Melchizedek in 1995 Maureen is a highly respected facilitator of Flower of Life, MerKaBa Meditation Workshops.

Maureen has as led esoteric study groups since 1984. She has studied the teachings of the Essenes, Edgar Cayce, Ascended Masters, and esoteric mysteries from around the world.

In addition, Maureen has been certified as a Soul retrieval facilitator and continues to keep her knowledge current by participating in Flower of Life Continuing Education, Drunvalo's "Images of the Heart" and "Earth Sky" workshops; Flower of Life Research's "Seed of Life"; and with other significant teachers such as Tom Kenyon and the Mayan Elders. She is also carrying the mysteries of the Divine Feminine and will be making this material available through a workshop titled the Mystical Madonna based on the Magdalene message, the Black Madonna and Marian apparitions.

Maureen incorporates as much of these materials as time will allow into her Flower of Life, MerKaBa Classic Workshop and has also developed additional seminars to present this powerful information. Maureen is also a master numerologist and spiritual consultant.

Go here for More Bio Information.

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Maureen J. St. Germain offers seminars to learn the MerKaBa, spiritual workshops and CDs based on Sacred Geometry, Flower of Life, Manifestation, more.

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