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Transformational Tools and Resources for your Spiritual Advancement

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Manifestation Matrix

Maureen's Manifestation Matrix

This is for anyone who wishes to take classes with Maureen. You may benefit from Maureen's Manifestation Matrix by naming and requesting it. If it is truly your desire to attend this workshop and you are serious about it then do the following:

  Take your request to the altar. If you don't have an altar, you might want to make an altar for yourself. Your altar is a sacred place that contains items you find sacred and is a place where you might meditate. The altar of your heart is also acceptable.

  State clearly what your desire/intention is (to attend Maureen's workshop, etc.) and what constraints you may have such as time off from work, dollars, family obligations, or responsibilities, etc. and agree to do your part (i.e. show up) and then let the Universe work its magic for you.

  You will do your part if the Universe does its part. Then mark your personal calendar with the class dates, tell everyone you intend to be there and that you are expecting a miracle (NOT HOPING for but EXPECTING A MIRACLE).

  Then SEE yourself at the class. Relax into it, knowing you are already there and then let go. Let yourself feel your gratitude for fulfilling your heart's desire. You are a beloved being and deserve to have your heart's desire.

I've tried the manifestation matrix, and it worked. It brought something really precious to me.  :)  - Zoltan

Tips for Manifesting Everything

Make a LIST.

Write down everything that you'd like to see happen.

This is especially true when you are facing some calamity. Look at the impending dark cloud and see the skies open up and the downpour occurs. BUT! It rained briefly, and as soon as it stopped everything was immensely better.

- If your issue is about health - see a rapid recovery doing something that proves you are well.
- If your need is about wealth - see checks being written to you and by you!
- If your desire is about partnership - see you and the other sharing an anniversary toast.

Manifestation Tools

We have some free tools you can use.

Visit our Flower of Life website: Tools You Can Use

An Evening Prayer

An Evening Prayer from Maureen

I intend that I am fully merged with my highest and most evolved self at any given moment and I claim any and all upgrades to my four lower bodies from the being of 100% God Light to assist my own and planetary evolution.

I intend that these upgrades be integrated as comfortably as possible. I offer myself to the beings of 100% God Light and the Great White Brotherhood as a conduit for this information for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. I say this on behalf of myself and (name the members of your group).

© Maureen J. St. Germain

A Prayer for Peace
A Prayer for Peace
Egypt, Syria and elsewhere need your help! Here's what you can do.
Use this very quick and easy guided meditation for helping the planet move into peace. Like a Trust Fund, it places support where needed. Do it daily. You can learn this and use it anywhere!
May you have a million blessings for doing this.
Visit YouTube for Maureen's
Maureen's YouTube Videos

Higher Self Insights

We are happy to announce that our first group of YouTube videos is now available on the web.

Higher Self Insights is a 14-part video series presented by Maureen St. Germain.

Maureen is initiating her new YouTube channel with this informative, interesting & insightful video series. Enjoy!

The Higher Self Series Contents:

  • Higher Self (01) - Introduction
  • Higher Self (02) - Angels & Guides
  • Higher Self (03) - Self or Impostors
  • Higher Self (04) - Lower Self
  • Higher Self (05) - 5th Dimension
  • Higher Self (06) - God State
  • Higher Self (07) - Free Will
  • Higher Self (08) - Right Eye of Horus
  • Higher Self (09) - Light VS Dark
  • Higher Self (10) - Archangel Michael Mural
  • Higher Self (11) - Entities 1
  • Higher Self (12) - Entities 2
  • Higher Self (13) - Entities 3
  • Higher Self (14) - Balance

Go Here to view this Video Series

I just listened to your new series about Higher Self and it was AWESOME... Even after I read your book I got more clarity, thanks so much for doing this series. There are many people that will truly connect with this. You did a terrific job. - Terri

 Would you like to know more about your Higher Self? "Higher Self Insights" Videos

Visit Maureen's Entire YouTube Channel

Thrive the Movie!

Thrive the Movie!!!

"Thrive the Movie: What On Earth Will It Take?" by Foster Gamble is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world. Thrive the Movie also offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

If you haven't seen this movie (below), take the time to watch it online. You can watch the movie trailer first and decide when you'd like to watch the full documentary. The movie is two hours long... but you can pace yourself, easy to do online!

If your browser gives you a message at the top of the screen about Media Player,
click "Install plug-in..." to view the videos below.
Thrive the Movie - Trailer Preview
If the video player above does not work in your browser, click here to view on YouTube.

Thrive the Movie - Full Documentary
If the video player above does not work in your browser, click here to view on YouTube.

New Products and Workshops

Magnificent Meditation Package

Order all of Maureen's CDs for one amazing discounted price!
These Meditations will open your Gateway to Heaven on Earth

Get the complete set of Maureen's Guided Meditations. This package includes all 9 CDs:
MerKaBa II, Mantras for Ascension, Crystal Elohim, Rainbow Angel Meditation, Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity, Sounds from the Great Pyramid (double CD), Fountain of Youth, Open Doors I - Sell Your Home Faster! and Open Doors II - Letting Go.

You may order the Magnificent Meditation Package for just $111!
Full price for these individual CDs would be $151.55, so you save $40.55!

Add CD to Shopping Cart

Enjoy our products!

Introducing Our New Meditation & Companion AroMandalas Blend

Unify Yourself!

Unify! A Soul Retrieval Meditation
and AroMandalas® Ascension Blend, Unity!

Unify! A Soul Retrieval Meditation

Unify! A Soul Retrieval Meditation CD

We are happy to release our newest Guided Meditation CD, Unify!

Unify! A Soul Retrieval Meditation is a series of guided meditations to guide you through retrieving and remembering all of your lost parts. Unity, its companion AroMandalas Ascension Blend, is ready to take you to Unity Consciousness. Wow. These are amazing tools.

The soul retrieval work has been on my back burner here for a long time. I really wanted to release it, yet for some reason it wasn't ready until now. This CD guides you through an amazing set of meditations that allow you to bring back lost parts of yourself. Trauma - from abuse or neglect, an accident, natural disaster, death or disability in the family, sudden hurtful news or any emotional wound or shock that has left a scar - can often lead you to split off a chunk of yourself to get through the shock or grief. Now is the time to get yourself all back together!

Why is it important to "get back together?" When you Unify you, it becomes possible to accomplish more, to meditate better, to achieve spiritual goals and be yourself more. It is easier to step back and unhook from mass consciousness programming and be your authentic self. Everything's better when you unify! Use Unity together with Unify!

Unify! is currently available ONLY on MP3.

AroMandalas Unity Essential Oil Blend

AroMandalas® Unity Essential Oil Blend

Unity, our newest AroMandalas blend, is from our NEWEST line of ASCENSION BLENDS. It was created by our beloved team, budding aromatherapist, Monica Rios, and our Master Blender.

It's been "cooking" for a year, waiting for the opportunity to jump into the LIMELIGHT. Now it is here and ready to help you in your OWN ASCENSION work opening you to Unity Consciousness as you Unify! yourself through soul retrieval.

Unify! yourself with Unity. This amazing AroMandalas blend reconnects all the parts of your soul in all directions of time and space. A blend of cinnamon, thyme, basil, orange bergamot, lavender, white pine, rosemary, Roman chamomile, Dalmatian sage, black spruce and sandalwood, Unity is created as the ideal companion for Maureen's CD, Unify!.

Visit our TEI Online Store for the Unify! MP3 and Unity AroMandalas.

Akashic Records Level 1

The Akashic Record is a treasury of your personal knowledge of the past, present, and future. By accessing this personal library of knowledge, you can identify, open or release anything you have created or blocked through your life's experiences.

Maureen's Akashic Records Level 1 workshop gives you optimal tools to begin learning to open your Akashic Records.

While working with the guides and record librarians you can get completely accurate information. Accessing your Akashic Records leads you to discover your soul's purpose and will give you valuable insights into the motives and actions of those around you. It will help raise your self-awareness and guide you to make optimal choices regarding personal, relationship and business decisions.

You will feel the love and appreciation the Record Keepers and guides have for you, along with their deep compassion for the human spirit. They know you, who you are and what you can't see and what you can be! They have information that can help you with your business, family, relationships and soul's purpose. They know what you truly desire.

Learning to open your own records is the first step in opening those of your friends and family.

Register now by clicking here.

You will experience the love and appreciation the record keepers and guides have for you, along with their deep compassion for the human spirit. Understand the beauty, symmetry and order of the Universe while in the records.

Opening your own Akashic Records will give you valuable insights that will enable you to comprehend the motives and actions of those around you. It will help you raise your self-awareness to a better understanding of you, optimal choices and the world around you.

Accessing your Akashic Records leads you to discover your soul's purpose, giving you a jump start on any spiritual work you may be doing in this lifetime.

I wish you a million blessings,

- Maureen

Sign up online now!

Akashic Records Level 2

Akashic Records Level 2 Workshop

Often called the "Book of Life," the Akashic Records is a living field of energy that contains all the information about a person, past, present and future. Looking into the records of someone is NOT the same as a psychic reading.

Opening the Akashic Records for others is a sacred trust. We treat it with respect and reverence. Accessing the Records is one of the great cosmic dispensations of our age, granted in order to promote our soul evolution. I have learned that we can affect our future - and even our past - by maximizing opportunities and clearing the way for optimal growth and life experiences.

In this class you will (1) Build on the skills you developed in Akashic Records Level 1 (including learning how to open the Akashic Records for others). (2) Learn how to interpret the information you channel from the Akashic Records Keepers to insure you are accurate. (3) Receive several initiations to clearly anchor in your connection to the Akashic Records.

In order to attend this course you must have completed Akashic Records Level 1, the Flower of Life Workshop (MerKaBa Meditation), and have an active Higher Self connection.

Learn more: Akashic Records Level 2 Workshop

Advanced Flower of Life Level 2

Becoming 5th Dimensional:

Advanced Flower of Life Level 2 Workshop

Many Advanced Flower of Life graduates have asked for more...
so here it is.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to refine and magnify your spiritual practices. Full of ways to enhance the 5th dimensional YOU, this course is a heart-centered master class.

In this largely experiential training you will:

  • Grow your understanding of 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensions, well as the higher ones, beyond that of the Advanced FOL course
  • Learn how to use this knowledge of dimensions
  • Experience deeper meditations
  • Develop a greater understanding of the MerKaBa, with more advanced information on programming
  • Gain skill in setting intentions and writing programs
  • Manifest your heart's desires more quickly
  • Sustain your Higher Self connection

You will also continue to clear personal and planetary creations and intentions that no longer serve and work with your "shadow" in a way that will maximize your heart work. You will become familiar with the 12 Recognitions and bring in unconditional love, abundance, wisdom and more!

Join us for an inspiring and joy-filled event. The information and practices you find here are key to your spiritual advancement and evolved uses of your MerKaBa. Get ready to amp up your 5th dimensional practice beyond your expectations! Isn't it time YOU became 5-D?

In order to attend this course you must have completed the Flower of Life workshop (from any FOL Facilitator) and Advanced Flower of Life workshop (Level 1).

Learn more: Advanced Flower of Life Level 2 Workshop

Heaven Scent Radio

Maureen St. Germain on the Dr. Pat Show Network!

Heaven Scent with Maureen St. Germain

Talk radio for constructive living to build a meaningful life.

--- Maureen's Radio Show Has Ended ---

Maureen with Billii Roberti

Maureen and Billii are sad to say October 28th, 2011, was their last radio show on the Dr. Pat Radio Show. Although it was fun and informative, the time came to end it, at least for now.

In May, 2010, Maureen aired her first "Heaven Scent with Maureen St. Germain" radio show on the Dr. Pat Radio Show; her first guest was author Dan Furst.

For the first year, Maureen interviewed authors, astrologers, aromatherapists, healers, life coaches, futurists and Egyptologists. These guests provided phenomenal essentials to living, in the form of information and useful tools and techniques, to make your life meaningful and successful.

In February, 2011, Maureen changed the format to a lively interaction between herself and longtime friend Billii Roberti. Over the months, they enjoyed discussing the Higher Self, angels, the Akashic Records, the MerKaBa meditation, the 5th dimension and clearing "stuff" and preparing for transformation.

Whatever the subject, Maureen and Billii shared their insights and perspectives on the emerging reality and Maureen always had a suggestion, process, method or solution to offer her listeners.

You may still access all these shows below.

As Maureen's travel schedule expanded, the radio show began to pose challenges. Eventually, her Higher Self advised it was time to move in a new direction. In time, Maureen will be back on the air and internet, so stay tuned.

And may every day of your life be a Day of Heaven on Earth.

Radio Show Archive - Heaven Scent with Maureen St. Germain

All radio shows were recorded!

Feel free to click the archive link below for any shows you've missed!

Heaven Scent Radio Show Archive for 2011

Heaven Scent Radio Show Archive for 2010

Who's Interviewing Maureen?
Maureen is a Regular on Angel Heart Radio

Angel Heart Radio

Listen to Maureen Monthly on

Angel Heart Radio with Annette McCoy

Get the details here.


--- Interviews Archive ---

(Go Here for more recent interviews)

Bonnie D. Graham interviews Maureen

Read My Lips

Listen to Maureen being interviewed on

"Read My Lips"

With Host Bonnie D. Graham, Blog Talk Radio

READ MY LIPS is not your usual blah-blah-yada-yada, Q&A interview talk show where every answer is canned and timed. Host akaRadioRed engages her guest authors and experts in lively, spontaneous and unpredictable conversations.
The show is now archived. Click the link above to listen.

Annette McCoy of Angel Heart Radio, interviews Maureen

Annette McCoy

Listen to Maureen being interviewed on

"Angel Link - The Voice of Humanity"

With Host Annette McCoy, Angel Heart Radio
The show is now archived. Click the link above to listen.

Velma Gallant, The Queen of JOY, interviews Maureen

Velma Gallant

Listen to Maureen being interviewed on

"Welcome Changes Radio"

With Host Velma Gallant, The Queen of JOY

Welcome Changes Radio has been inspiring thousands with amazing interviews for more than two years. I'm thrilled to joining these amazing World Change Leaders!

We discuss "Opening up to the Other Side...The Akashic Records." What are the Akashic Records? Who knows what they know? How can you? Why is it important to know how to do that? I do NOT talk to dead people but I do reach your GUIDES for accurate, timely information. And so can you!
The show is now archived. Click the link above to listen.

Janet Lighthouse Interviews Maureen

Sisters of Honua

Janet Lighthouse of Sisters of Honua Interviews Maureen

In her blogtalk radio show, "Women & Prophecy," Janet Lighthouse interviews Maureen about "Star Beings" and why so many people have fear around them, what you can do to create Heaven on Earth, the origin of humanity, our role in the Ascension, and how you can give yourself a "Spiritual Makeover."

The show is now archived at their website. Click Here to listen.

You may download this MP3 recording for your own computer, iPod or digital device.

Download MP3:
Women & Prophecy Interview (13.9Mb)
Click arrow to listen.
Online Streaming Audio:   Please activate script to use this control

Shirley MacLaine interviews Maureen

Shirley MacLaine

Listen to Maureen being interviewed on

"Independent Expression"

With Host Shirley MacLaine

Transformational Living

Shirley MacLaine interviews Maureen about the future, how the transformation of 2012 will occur and much more on her Internet radio show "Independent Expression." Join Maureen and Shirley in this rare one hour interview where Shirley digs deep and Maureen meets her at every twist and turn.

"I think we all choose the paths of our lives. I knew I wanted to be a 'communicator' from the very beginning. So I communicated through fifty films, many TV and stage shows and ten books. For me the search for Truth is paramount... The truth of a character I'm playing, the truth of the subject matter I write about or the truth of why we are alive and how it relates to our destiny. I see life as a creation each of us paints for ourselves. We do create our own reality in order to be aligned with our destiny. The search then becomes a search for self. It is the most important journey we will ever take." - Shirley MacLaine

You will have to join Shirley's list to listen - but we think you might enjoy her other guests too. So take a look!

Shirley MacLaine interviews Maureen
The show is now archived. Click and scroll down to listen.

(You will have to become a member in order to access it.)

Kelly Sullivan Walden interviews Maureen


Listen to Maureen being interviewed on

"Dream Talk"

With Host Kelly Sullivan Walden

Kelly interviews Maureen about "Dreaming the Solution" - nighttime dreams used to solve mainstream problems, precognitive dreams and being proactive.

Kelly is the author of the Book, "I had the Strangest Dream," The Dreamers Dictionary for the 21st Century.

Dream Talk explores the role that night time dreams play in helping people be more creative fulfilled, successful, healthy wealthy and spiritually attuned in their waking lives.

Kelly's show is to inspire people to use available tools, techniques and inspirational stories via the gift of their night time dreams.

You may download this MP3 recording for your own computer, iPod or digital device.

Download MP3:
Dream Talk Interview (26.5Mb)
Click arrow to listen.
Online Streaming Audio:   Please activate script to use this control

Kathryn Brinkley interviews Maureen

Kinetics Magazine Feature Interview with Maureen

Maureen was recently featured on the cover of Kinetics Magazine!

Kathryn Brinkley interviews Maureen about her history, education and why she wrote Beyond the Flower of Life.

Check out the full interview!

Medicine Woman Sessions

The Medicine Woman Sessions

Unleash the Power of your Soulful Success

A FREE online series!
Do you feel the inner rumblings? That deep knowing inside...that you are here to do something big? Do you KNOW that you are here to express a unique service and that you, and you alone, are meant to share it - YOUR way?
If you're a Spiritual woman entrepreneur, a coach, a healer or an under-expressing visionary... and you want to get out of your own way and let Source move through you, full speed ahead, so you can get down to the business of transforming the world... then grab your spot at this amazing upcoming event...
Join me for the Medicine Woman Sessions
sacred circle. powerful wisdom. soulful success.
August 13 - September 5
Join me and some of the most powerful women coaches, leading healers and spiritual visionaries who are transforming the world today! Get ready to experience these Modern Day Medicine Women (and Men!) in action, as they share their intimate wisdom while giving you the practical teachings and the energetic tools that YOU need to connect with your soul's purpose, clear your blockages to wealth and harness the abundant nature of your own Inner Medicine.
Connect with YOUR Soulful Success Now!
Come witness the power of your medicine and learn the tools YOU need to stay connected. The time is NOW to harness your highest wisdom and bring forth the abundant success that is just WAITING to come through you.
Listen to My Presentation!

Maureen St. Germain
Recorded August 22, 2013

...and get an additional FREE gift,
a LIMITED Edition Meditation - for this special event.

"Be your BEST SELF"
(free download)
I have been that space of the under expressing Medicine Woman...that's painful to feel like you aren't getting your message out. But believe me, when you get to the other side life turns on...join me and this incredible tribe of leading visionaries to show YOU how to maximize your Inner Guru that is meant to flow through you.

NewLife Teleseminar


NewLife Teleseminar

"How to Move into the New Life"

A look back at the time leading up to Dec. 21, 2012

What will happen at this vital time on the planet as we transition out of the old world and enter a New Life at the end of 2012? Find out this and more on an amazing FREE Teleseminar with some of the world's foremost spiritual teachers.

This is a recording of the live event held on Wednesday, July 18, 2012.

Featuring speakers: Maureen St. Germain, Susan Shumsky, Sean David Morton, Mark Becker, Harrison Klein, Nicki Scully and more!

How will you prepare as the next cycle of human evolution begins and we enter a new world --- a world of ascension?

You are invited to listen to this unique, free Teleseminar.

Listen to the NewLife Teleseminar

Reweaving Reality Book

Maureen's new book, Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality, is a reality!

Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality book

Self-Study Guide for Personal Transformation

Maureen is proud to present her completely rewritten and updated 2nd edition of the breakthrough book that gives you the personal tools to evolve as a healer or self-evolving individual. Understand and practice ceremonies and invocations for achieving and maintaining clarity.

It's been on the back burner for years. Finally, I am delighted to let you know that the long-awaited update to Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality is in stock and available now!

Many of you bought the original copy with it's tiny print because you wanted and needed these ceremonies. Now we have a completely revised and updated version in a regular-sized print along with much more information. And it's priced so you can say "Yes" to owning this new version.

What's inside that's so important? We think it is the most important book for you to own. It helps you understand and clear entities, clear curses, clear the suicide entity and much, much more. We know this book is worth more than $5.99. It is 98 pages, completely rewritten and updated with NEW information not included in the first edition. At $5.99 you cannot go wrong! Heck, it's better than a Starbucks and better for you, too. At this price we think you might want to get several copies, one for yourself and a few for your friends. You will thank us later!

Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality will give you tools for your own "Spiritual Makeover!"

Get your copy now! Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality

Now on Kindle!

In addition, it's also available on's Kindle and includes the meditation ceremonies that used to be on the CD as a free download. Best of all - it's priced at just $5.99! Why would we make a new book, that is twice the size of the old one, for so much less than the original? Well, because my Higher Self said that was the price. All of the folks we worked with, editors, sponsors, etc. said the same thing, "that's too low!" But Higher Self was adamant. Apparently it's supposed to be so affordable that it's easy for you to say "Yes" to purchase it - and "Yes" as an add-on to other purchases!

Get Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality on Kindle!

AroMandalas® Reweaving Essential Oil Blend


Essential oils have been used since ancient times to lift the spirit and enhance the energies of the body. Awaken the healer within as you use this unique Reweaving blend to accompany the ceremonies and invocations for achieving and maintaining clarity learned in the Reweaving book and workshop.

Now Available in the TEI Online Store!

Beyond the Flower of Life

Maureen's book, Beyond the Flower of Life, is available in our TEI Online Store!

Beyond the Flower of Life
Multidimensional Activation of your Higher Self, the Inner Guru; Advanced MerKaBa Teachings, Sacred Geometry and the Opening of your Heart.

If you are looking to enhance the MerKaBa practice or are ready to take it to the next level, this book was written with you in mind. If you are already practicing the MerKaBa Meditation and want to make it more fulfilling, I will give you MerKaBa insights to enhance what you already have. If you are looking for more heart centered awareness and understanding to fulfill your mind's longing, these tools help satisfy your mind, so it willingly quiets. If you are looking for Higher Self contact, I offer a practical, achievable roadmap to manifest a 100% accurate relationship with your Higher Self.

Now on Kindle!

Now you can download your copy of Beyond the Flower of Life on
Kindle from
and have it with you anytime you want!

If you have been waiting for Beyond the Flower of Life by Maureen J. St. Germain to be on the Kindle, now is the time to get this life-enhancing book. Even if you aren't doing the MerKaBa meditation, you will enhance any meditation practice through her insights and practical tools. Her easy step-by-step process enables anyone to advance their Higher Self connection to true Inner Guru status.

Go Beyond the Flower of Life on Kindle!

AroMandalas Inner Guru Essential Oil Blend

And introducing Inner Guru, the new AroMandalas Essential Oil Blend developed as a perfect book companion.

Awaken your inner guru and explore the dimensions beyond the realm of your current experience. This amazing blend of lemongrass, grapefruit, ginger, black pepper, ho leaf, carrot seed, elemi, cinnamon leaf and Himalayan cedar wood assists in expanding your meditation experience to discover a more heart-centered awareness.

Save over $9 when you order our Book & Blend Combo for the special price of $37.95 today!

Grid Projects
Gridworkers Union

Gridworkers Union

Gridworkers Union is a group of volunteers who are learning how to work with grids and volunteering their time and energy to support the changes on the planet.

Gateway to the Hathors has opened up!
Bridge of Light completed

It is my deep pleasure to announce to you that the Gridworkers Union recently completed a project with the Hathors. The Hathors worked very closely with the Gridworkers Union to produce a beautiful crystal pyramid filled with amazing love and light to serve as a new gateway between Venus and Earth. This new gateway is like opening up the Golden Gate Bridge and will allow all of us to have a greater connection with the Hathors. It also gives the Hathors greater connections to you.

To access this lovely permanent structure of love and support, ask the Hathors to come in closer and help you with anything you need help with. In return, out of gratitude, consider offering yourself in service to the Hathors by inviting them to move their love and light through you to bless you and all of humanity.

Our Grid Project

Gridworkers Union is our own grid project. We meet once a month for a conference call. Membership is free, and we ask that if you join, you agree to do this work cooperatively participating. We are NOT working on the Christ Consciousness Grid - as it has been activated in January 2008. We are working on new programs that are being channeled for new grids that have been erected.

Your help is needed since this cannot be done without human interaction. Much of the work is being done at the Angelic Realm and by ETs of the Light. We become the conduit. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to develop your skills in a small group. this is not a training course, yet you will be trained, much like the volunteer fire department might be trained. You are expected to contribute your experiences - so that everyone learns together. When you sign up, you will be given access to the previous information that has been compiled. We ask that you devote about an hour a week to this work.

Gridworkers Union is both men and women and are all growing in their expertise. If you are new to us, we will ask you for some additional information about you. If you are a MerKaBa practitioner please let us know that.

During the last visit to Egypt, I was directed to work with specific devices (etheric) and tools (3D). The tools had not yet surfaced, but within a few weeks of arriving home, there they were! We have formed a small focused group of individuals who are working with specific grid creations and programs. This is not passive - but active participation. If you are called to do this work, kindly contact us at with your desire, placing "Gridworkers Union" in the subject.

Some amazing things are coming from this! Join us:

More News You Can Use

The Wave of Love

The Wave of Love

Sacred Geometry Video

I've seen this and love it. You will too!   Sincerely, Maureen

Click to view this Sacred Geometry Video: The Wave of Love

The Wave of Love

Sacred Geometry - The Architecture of the Universe

One of our students forwarded to us his new website which contains lots of free Sacred Geometry resources and graphics. We are so enchanted with his work that we invite you to have a look and help yourself to a few presents!

Visit Website:   Charles Gilchrist Sacred Geometry

"What the Bleep... Do We Know"

I am so excited about the movie - available on DVD. A new version is now available with added footage.

I encourage all to see it... often! I hope you enjoy it!

Check out their website for more information: What the Bleep

Rent it at your local Video store, or purchase it from Source Books and Sacred Spaces:

Send me your "spheres" in photos.

We are starting a collection to view on the web.

You may send your sphere photos by mail or e-mail: Contact Information

Thank you. meditation news, Updates, Current Issues, workshop, What the Bleep, Do We Know, movie, DVD, Manifestation Tools, Transformational Enterprises, Transformational, Enterprises, workshops that transform, workshops, transform, Maureen St. Germain, Maureen J St Germain, Maureen, J, St Germain, St, Germain
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