Maureen-PressMaureen J. St. Germain

Maureen St. Germain leads workshops in personal development and spiritual awakening. As a seeker she shares the knowledge she has gained from twenty-five years of study in ancient truths.

Personally trained as a Certified Flower of Life Facilitator by Drunvalo Melchizedek in 1995 Maureen is a highly respected facilitator of Flower of Life, MerKaBa Meditation Workshops.

Maureen has as led esoteric study groups since 1984. She has studied the teachings of the Essenes, Edgar Cayce, Ascended Masters, and esoteric mysteries from around the world.

In addition, Maureen has been certified as a Soul retrieval facilitator and continues to keep her knowledge current by participating in Flower of Life Continuing Education, Drunvalo's "Images of the Heart" and "Earth Sky" workshops; Flower of Life Research's "Seed of Life"; and with other significant teachers such as Tom Kenyon and the Mayan Elders. She is also carrying the mysteries of the Divine Feminine and will be making this material available through a workshop titled the Mystical Madonna based on the Magdalene message, the Black Madonna and Marian apparitions.

Maureen incorporates as much of these materials as time will allow into her Flower of Life, MerKaBa Classic Workshop and has also developed additional seminars to present this powerful information. Maureen is also a master numerologist and spiritual consultant.

Transformational Enterprises, Inc.

Transformational Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Maureen St. Germain. She brings together 25 years of study and research in the mystical traditions. Today, TEI provides consulting, workshops, training, Sacred Journeys, guided meditations CDs, AroMandalas® essential oils aromatherapy, instructional books and related materials.

My primary interest is in Sacred Geometry and mysticism. This is why facilitating the Flower of Life Workshops since 1995 has been a wonderful expression of my passion for this knowledge. As a seeker it is my privilege to share the knowledge gained from my many years of studying these ancient truths.
I consider myself a facilitator rather than a teacher helping you to remember what you already know. My mission is to assist you in becoming the highest you can be in any given moment.
Love, Maureen
Through my commitment to expanding consciousness, my experience in working with hundreds of people, and my dedication, I've been blessed to present seminars all over the world.
Love, Maureen
I consider it both an honor and a privilege to serve in the awakening of dedicated individuals. I intend to be an inspiration to all with whom I come in contact and to give you, my co-worker on this planet, a sense of self along with a passion and compassion for all of life that will last your entire lifetime!
Love, Maureen


Background: Maureen worked as a corporate leader most of her professional career. In 1994 she decided to learn her lessons through love instead of the usual way. Since then, everything changed. She brings 25 years of professional experience into her trainings and workshops. Formerly she was the president of several city-wide agencies. She was also president of an international society with over two thousand professional (doctor) members and has been a fund-raiser and lobbyist. For about eight years she continued her corporate path while building her workshop business on weekends.

She is grateful for her avocation that has allowed her to lead study groups for over 20 years. Her focus has been the teachings of the Essenes, Edgar Cayce, Ascended Masters, and esoteric mysteries from around the world. She has a special connection with the dolphins, Angels, Ascended Masters and Hathors.

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