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Gridwork with the Hathors

Money. Everyone likes to talk about it and read about it. We love hearing about other people's money and what they do with it! Money is a form of energy. When our energy matches money we don't need to chase it; naturally we bring more of it to us! How do we do this? One way is through our awareness of the energy we attract to ourselves and the places we live and work.

Understanding Opposition Energies and How to Antidote Them!

The energy field of the MerKaBa meditation is impenetrable. It allows you to evolve and open your heart without fear or concern that someone or something could hurt your sensitive heart. Much like Neo in The Matrix, when he was being shot at, he ducked and jumped spontaneously avoiding the bullets.

What Is the Purpose of Blood and Why Should I Care?

Obviously this is not your everyday subject. The blood of the human body has life-giving properties,carries fluids and removes waste. Yet there is a spiritual significance and that’s what this article is about. It’s important to be aware, and know you can do something about it – if and when you need it!

How Do You Keep on When You Are Tired of Trying?

This is the story to inspire you to keep on going when there is no evidence that things will be ok. Everyone talks about resolutions for the New Year. What about a set of intentions to use all year round? I originally wrote these intentions for a young mother who was struggling with so many negative thoughts, and was so depressed, that she could not even come up with a list of what she wanted for herself. So instead I wrote a list of all the things she could tell me that she didn't want!

Mystic Pop

In 2004, a magazine called Mystic Pop was an idea in a former hairdresser's mind, and today it is sold in all the English-speaking countries of the world except South Africa. In a recent interview, publisher Devra Jacobs stated, "I wanted to find a magazine that covered all aspects of spirituality, from self empowerment to astrology and everything in between, but wasn't too woo-woo. I saw it as a kind of readers' digest." Since she couldn't find it, she decided to do it herself. Its phenomenal growth is proof that the need was there. Mystic Pop is sold in Barnes & Noble and other bookstores all over the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Maureen has written numerous articles for Mystic Pop. You may download each article as a one page PDF.

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