Why do we love MerKaBa Mystique for anger issues?

See the complete healing guide here.

MerKaBa Mystique acts like a pressure valve, safely releasing unexpressed anger! Think of all the abuse victims who could benefit from this!

We also found that the OCTA Blend, while supporting the work of the unity consciousness, will release shame! I personally had a lot of shame around my first marriage ending and  could have used that then!

Mantra Blend, created as a companion to the Mantras for Ascension CD, will release attachments and heavy emotion, what a gift!

Passages, works well for any loss, including a death, a breakup and more. Developed originally as a companion to our Sell your Home FASTER  meditation CD and Letting Go of Anything, Open Door line of CDs  it will work to ease emotions resulting from the loss of persons, places or things that occur during life's many changes.

Our list keeps getting longer. It is our sincere desire to uplift your meditations, and these essential oil blends most certainly do that! We look forward to receiving your feedback.
Love, Maureen
The first time I used MerKaBa Mystique, I felt as if I dumped all my emotion baggage, even the baggage I was not aware of. I physically felt 10 lbs lighter and instantly knew I had been introduced to an incredibly powerful tool. I have been using MerKaBa Mystique for 3 weeks with astonishing results. When I tell stories from my past, they flow from the perspective of history, rather than reliving them from emotion. By using MerKaBa Mystique, the emotions of my past no longer take up valuable space my consciousness. My mind has been set free and is open to embrace all the beauty that life has to offer. I highly recommend this tool as the perfect compliment to any meditation practice, whether you are doing the MerKaBa or not.
Rena, NYC

Essential Oil Blends - What will they do?

Clear your wounds!
With Healing and Higher Consiousness (box may scroll)
What's it called?
Compassion – at peace with self and the world
Empowerment – power lies within and angels stand ready to assist
Not Belonging
All is One – restores original blueprint and DNA
Acceptance – helps cellular memory clear mass consciousness miasmas to reflect eternal youth
Non-judgment – releases old habits and useless expressions of four lower bodies
Abundance – awakens expressions of fulfillment and plenty
Letting Go – clears narrow and limiting belief system and paves the way for your Journey of Power in this lifetime
Freedom – moving on to higher levels of experience
Awakens, unifies and completes the balance of Divine Male and Divine Female in service to humanity
Martyr/male or female
My life is service (not servitude)
Victim/male or female
To self/others  - one must first recognize their own healing before truly serving others
Restores joy and playfulness
Courage – daring to dream
Heart chakra opens to higher expression of love
Self-worth/self-acceptance, Healing karmic shame for self, family and planet
Ascension to Higher Realms – understanding what it means to be human on an animate planet and participating in a shift in consciousness
New possibilities – breaking free of thought forms that control my life
Expression of original intent –every experience will benefit life’s journey
Meditation aid
Creating a time machine in a bottle
World Healing
Recognizing the sacredness of being human
Wakeup to Higher Self Wisdom
Awakens your Inner Guru and explores the dimensions beyond the reality of your current experience, helps with your meditation experience to discover a more heart-centered awareness.
Clarify and Anchor your Mission
This blend helps to strengthen the bond between your soul and earthly body.
Loneliness to return home to God
This unique combination of oils touches the deep secrets of the soul and reminds us that we are not alone in the Universe. It brings forth the spiritual awareness needed to move forward with courage and fortitude.