Mantras for Ascension

Mantras for Ascension

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Mantras for Ascension contains an extremely powerful mantra and a chant you can use to clear your field of excess emotion and keep your heart open to God. The Hathor Chant will clear the auric field through the four lower elements all the way down to the earth. It allows you to clear and expand your pranic tube while connecting to Mother Earth. The Kabbalistic Chant will clear the field through all the dimensions, all realities, all the way back to God. Both are great for clearing emotions.   Read more here...

Sounds from the Great Pyramid - Toning from the King's Chamber

Sounds from the Great Pyramid - Toning from the King's Chamber Listen to a sample

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Listen to a sample from the King's Chamber  itunes-black-logo-64

A 2-CD SET: Sounds from the Great Pyramid is a marvelous CD for an out of body experience. Please don't drive or operate equipment while listening to this!

Take a spiritual journey to the King's Chamber and the power of Phi. Maureen St. Germain, along with graduates of the Flower of Life, tone Om inside the King's Chamber during an Egypt Sacred Journey. Using the knowledge of Phi as related to sacred geometry and the Great Pyramid, these powerful CDs are focused on the inner-dimensional portal believed to exist in the King's Chamber. This set will assist you in re-creating the original group's experience. You may discover that the toning and connection with the King's chamber and Phi will take you on a journey greater than you could have imagined!   Read more here...