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Grandma Chandra Digital CDs

It is a privilege and honor that I present to you the meditation CDs of Grandma Chandra.

Who is Grandma Chandra? She is a 23 year old severely handicaped woman nicknamed "Grandma" by native Americans because of her wisdom. At age 12 her therapists had a major breakthrough in developing a communications board for here to use and begin two way conversations. Up until that time she had never spoken. She communicated with her new instrument with everyone but her mother, Cat, whom she refused to talk to. When Cat finally figured out what was going on, she had to agree to be Grandma's spokesperson. Some time after that Cat learned the messages in her head that she thought were coming from her higher self, were actually coming in from Chandra. Mother and daughter now use a shorthand to communicate very quickly. They give readings and lectures.

I have had a reading and was very impressed. I love her CDs and recommend them highly. Grandma Chandra's information coming through her Mother Cat Parenti is exquisite. Cat has an incredible and beautiful voice, speaks several languages and calls out the names of the very powerful beings with her exquisite voice.

* Grandma Chandra CDs are only available as MP3 Downloads *


Cat-Parenti-Hammad together with the Ascended Masters through the Pure Channel of Voice and Music allows you to experience deep personal and planetary transformation. Your individual codes will be activated and connected to the Cosmic Codes enabling the planet to reach the next level of Peace and Ascension. The electromagnetic fields of the body are high frequency force fields that connect the body's organs, glands and meridians. The chakras are aligned with these fields. When auric fields combine with the chakras then the electromagnetic fields are activated. The New High Frequency Codes that I have put into this MP3 comes through the chanting that enters the electromagnetic fields generating Light in the chakras. This process is reciprocal and brings the powers of physical manifestation.

A scalar wave is a term used by geologists, quantum physicists and those using hydrodynamics. It is a non-linear wave of the 5th Dimension that is not bound by 3rd dimensional laws and relative time and space. The scalar wave can pass through solid matter, is shaped like the body's DNA strands and has the ability to imprint itself on the DNA. The human body systems are also non-linear in nature and have an electromagnetic field due to the crystalline structures in all of its cells. Entering a scalar wave causes an increase in our connection to the limitless universal energy of Source/Creator/God and our ability to manifest whatever we wish. The insertion into Whalespeak of the Blue, Gold, and Violet rays activate the 10,11,12 Planetary DNA strand. I am now working on the 33rd dimension with the 33rd Planetary DNA strand.

Grandma Chandra says that the Magdalene Codes come to us from the 33rd dimension to awaken us to the true heart of the Creator Source to connect us to our Self, clear limiting core beliefs and assuage inner child issues.

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