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June 13th Practical Mystic Show with Kelly Sullivan Walden

Kelly is a well-known dream expert, bestselling author, certified clinical hypnotherapist, inspirational speaker, TV personality, and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training and The Dream Project, a non-profit organization inspiring children to solve global issues described in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals

Maureen Interviews Realities of Creation Co-Author, Jean Adreinne

We will be learning about Realities of Creation book, Summit, and special free gifts from Jean, Maureen and 7 other authors! Monday, May 9th @ 5pm EDT.

March 14th – The Year Ahead with Madeline Gerwick

Schedule Change! Change your destiny through understanding the cycles! Maybe you intended to listen and forgot! Here's your chance to hear it again! Replay of our January 11th, 2016 show. Tune in on March 14th, 2016 at 5 pm EDT.

February 8th – Mia Saenz Joins Maureen

Mia Saenz is a leading Transformation Love Coach, and a spiritual practitioner. Working through Love opens the connection to have all of life's purposes flow, which includes Love, Money and Abundance. Mia works with people whose desire is to grow in their spiritual path, building a concrete foundation in all areas of life. The process Mia teaches is Total Flow Mastery. Mia is also a media host, and is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of BellaMia magazine a transformational & holistic living well magazine.

Practical Mystic Radio Show: The Year Ahead with Madeline Gerwick

This month on the Practical Mystic Radio Show, we'll discuss how to manifest your destiny through your New Years Resolutions with SPECIAL GUEST - Astrologer, Madeline Gerwick! Listen in Live at 5pm EST on Monday, January 11th.

This Month’s Topic: Relationship Issues

This month on the Practical Mystic Radio show, we'll discuss relationship issues. Call in and join us LIVE on December 14th.

November 9th – The Practical Mystic Radio Show

This Month: Akashic Records who and what are they?

Did you miss it? Breaking the silence! – Breakthroughs to Higher Dimensions

I have returned from Asia just about a month ago! It's been an incredibly intense integration. So many important things happened while I was away. The most important - is that my workshops included the experience of the Ascended Masters speaking directly to the audience through me.

Take a Vacation – Get Out of Your Rut

We'll talk about the Venus retrograde and how you can use those energies to help you revalue time-off, yourself, and more, to assist with that vacation.