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Wish you could be ahead of the curve?

Lots of people are noticing their intuition or ability to anticipate something is greatly improving. If this is you - keep reading! We all have this natural ability - but sometimes ignore it and dismiss it. Sometimes we forget about a dream and later - discover the dream came true! Read more about how to [...]

  • What to expect in 2015

What to expect in 2015

Want to know what to expect in 2015? Check out my article on this magazine, Awaken. What To Expect in 2015: Your Divinity Test Now is the ideal time to become your best self and insist that balance, peace and harmony are your top priorities. In fact your highest priority is to be a kinder gentler [...]

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  • Maureen's Holiday Candy Cane

Get the movie… How much sugar are you having?

Who has the high IQ? Get Fed UP for .99 this week only on ITunes When my thirty-something son was a  three year old, before pre-school was common and he was showing signs of a very high IQ, I had the opportunity to get him tested, thinking that there would be enrichment programs for him once it [...]

Scientists discover a mysterious shield around the Earth!

Science is finally catching up - what the mystics have been saying for a while! Here's the proof! An alert friend sent this. Thank you Isabella!  

Forever Young

I couldn't resist - offering up this great post from my friend, artist Lahrinda Eileen.

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Sacred Geometry Jewelry

These inspiring, one-of-a-kind artworks radiate spiritual and healing energy. When you wear one, that radiance will envelop you all day long. Made to order, each is customized by choosing from among any of the hundreds of Sacred Geometry designs that Endre Balogh is renowned for. You can also choose from his collection of radiant Angels, or a variety of other Mystical, Judaic or even his Photographic artworks.

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Hay House Inspirational books, audios, cards, and gifts

Hay House is a leading publisher of mainstream and self-improvement books, newsletters, audios, videos, and producer of lectures and workshops around the world. Our more than 200 authors include best-selling authors: Louise Hay, Sylvia Browne, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Suze Orman, Marianne Williamson and more.

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