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Understanding Opposition Energies and How to Antidote Them!

The energy field of the MerKaBa meditation is impenetrable. It allows you to evolve and open your heart without fear or concern that someone or something could hurt your sensitive heart. Much like Neo in The Matrix, when he was being shot at, he ducked and jumped spontaneously avoiding the bullets.

What Is the Purpose of Blood and Why Should I Care?

Obviously this is not your everyday subject. The blood of the human body has life-giving properties,carries fluids and removes waste. Yet there is a spiritual significance and that’s what this article is about. It’s important to be aware, and know you can do something about it – if and when you need it!

How Do You Keep on When You Are Tired of Trying?

This is the story to inspire you to keep on going when there is no evidence that things will be ok. Everyone talks about resolutions for the New Year. What about a set of intentions to use all year round? I originally wrote these intentions for a young mother who was struggling with so many negative thoughts, and was so depressed, that she could not even come up with a list of what she wanted for herself. So instead I wrote a list of all the things she could tell me that she didn't want!

Dimensional Shifts and a Mind Meld

Corey Goode and the Mind Meld There's been a lot of good intel coming from the TV show Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock. This show features information based on the experiences of a former Secret Space Program member, Corey Goode.  If you are not watching this show, you might consider it.  I've been onboard for a [...]

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Did you miss it? Breaking the silence! – Breakthroughs to Higher Dimensions

I have returned from Asia just about a month ago! It's been an incredibly intense integration. So many important things happened while I was away. The most important - is that my workshops included the experience of the Ascended Masters speaking directly to the audience through me.

Wish you could be ahead of the curve?

Lots of people are noticing their intuition or ability to anticipate something is greatly improving. If this is you - keep reading! We all have this natural ability - but sometimes ignore it and dismiss it. Sometimes we forget about a dream and later - discover the dream came true! Read more about how to [...]

Ritual and Ceremony!

Do you have enough Ritual in your life? Maureen discusses the importance of ritual, ceremony and prayer -- and how it ties into mass consciousness. Send your questions to for a chance to win a free reading with Maureen! This show aired on Monday March 10, 2015 -- Click below to listen to the [...]

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  • What to expect in 2015

What to expect in 2015

Want to know what to expect in 2015? Check out my article on this magazine, Awaken. What To Expect in 2015: Your Divinity Test Now is the ideal time to become your best self and insist that balance, peace and harmony are your top priorities. In fact your highest priority is to be a kinder gentler [...]

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  • Maureen's Holiday Candy Cane

Get the movie… How much sugar are you having?

Who has the high IQ? Get Fed UP for .99 this week only on ITunes When my thirty-something son was a  three year old, before pre-school was common and he was showing signs of a very high IQ, I had the opportunity to get him tested, thinking that there would be enrichment programs for him once it [...]

Happy Solstice and New Year!

Year end Greetings! Each year I give you a little something to inspire you. We are getting bombarded with negative energies all around. It would take a saint - to keep their head above water here - just do a little better that normal - and you'll be fine. My astrologer friend, Madelyn Gerwick  says [...]

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