Transformational Techniques for Advancing your Ascension Work

The Advanced MerKaBa workshops contain powerful tools that Maureen has developed which will support your shift in consciousness. Your practice and experience are directly related. You will shift and move through additional heart opening practices and receive wonderful information on programming and the dimensions, dolphins and Hathors.

Maureen crafted the Advanced MerKaBa classes using over 15 years of experience teaching hundreds of workshops and leading thousands of students in the MerKaBa practice. You will leave with specific techniques for advancing your Ascension work. Maureen is the author of the best seller, Beyond the Flower of Life.

The Advanced MerKaBa class taught by Maureen provided the tools for me to make time-leaping changes in my thought and belief systems. Maureen has the knack of tuning into your energies and offering the perfect catalysts for enourmous changes. This indeed led to a further opening of my heart and I was able to perceive that I was indeed loved by those surrounding me... The reason I get so much out of her courses is that I am eager for the changes, know that they can rapidly occur, and I get to work right away with full intention. I embrace the magic, and it works magic for me.
Nina Shaka, Paris
Maureen is an awesome facilitator of both Flower of Life workshop and her well-developed Advanced FOL. Maureen is so hospitable and wonderful the whole weekend. I learned so much I didn't want it to end. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel like my life has been forever changed and I've moved about 5,000 notches up the ladder toward God. Keep up the great work and keep laughing - that really helped and I'm not so scared any more!
Meaghan McCue, St. Charles, IL, professional athlete


Advanced MerKaBa Workshop Level 1

Course Description

This Advanced MerKaBa workshop contains powerful tools that Maureen has developed which will support your shift in consciousness.

Your practice and experiences are directly related.

Advanced MerKaBa was developed from over 15 years experience leading thousands of students in the MerKaBa Practice.

You will move through additional heart opening practices, advanced programming techniques, learn about the dimensions, dolphins and Hathors.

You will learn specific techniques to open your heart using sound and intention. You will also learn to clear fear by focusing and re-directing it via a powerful integration technique based on the quantum field. A review of the MerKaBa Meditation is included if necessary.

A comprehensive workbook is included. You will leave with specific techniques for advancing your Ascension work.


For the Advanced MerKaBa Level 1 workshop, you must have attended a MerKaBa workshop from a certified facilitator within the last two years and you are currently practicing the MerKaBa.


Advanced MerKaBa Workshop Level 2

 Becoming 5th Dimensional

Course Description

Many Advanced MerKaBa graduates have asked for more... so here it is.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to refine and magnify your spiritual practices. Full of ways to enhance the 5th dimensional YOU, this course is a heart-centered master class.

In this largely experiential training you will:

  • grow your understanding of 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensions, well as the higher ones, beyond that of the Advanced MerKaBa course
  • learn how to use this knowledge of dimensions
  • experience deeper meditations
  • develop a greater understanding of the MerKaBa, with more advanced information on programming
  • gain skill in setting intentions and writing programs
  • manifest your heart's desires more quickly, and
  • sustain your Higher Self connection

You will also continue to clear personal and planetary creations and intentions that no longer serve and work with your "shadow" in a way that will maximize your heart work. You will become familiar with the 12 Recognitions and bring in unconditional love, abundance, wisdom and more!

Join us for an inspiring and joy-filled event. The information and practices you find here are key to your spiritual advancement and evolved uses of your MerKaBa. Get ready to amp up your 5th dimensional practice beyond your expectations! Isn't it time YOU became 5-D?


Completion of the MerKaBa workshop (from any MerKaBa Facilitator) and Advanced MerKaBa workshop (Level 1).