Announcing the Pre-release Sale of Waking Up in 5D!

The game has changed! The rules are different! The new normal is unlike anything you have known from the past. You can be ready for it, but you must sign up personally for your ascension. Join Maureen St. Germain on this extraordinary journey, where you apply this 5D understanding, shorten the learning curve and help assist everyone throughout the cosmos to consciously choose 5D -- where love is the governing rule. Pre-order today!

Unlock the Secret to Manifestation

What if every thought could occur as quickly as you desire it? What is the fastest way to make your wishes and dreams come true? A Genie! What if you could see a way to become a Genie for yourself - and create your heart's desire? What if all this "magical" thinking was rooted in science and math? Suddenly you can see the power you will unleash - for yourself. You cannot be contained. You will become unstoppable! Based on her latest book, Be A Genie, Unlock the Secret to Manifestation includes practical and interactive lessons to help you achieve the material results that you deserve. Each lesson also includes a special guided meditation.

Homemade Mosquito Repellent

Back my popular demand from last summer! This got rave reviews including places in the world where the mosquitoes are the worst! Make sure you Save and Share this one; you don't want to lose it! For those of you with Mosquito invasions... Here's an easy & pleasant repellent recipe you can make at home.

Summer News from Maureen

Read all the latest from Maureen including upcoming workshop and teleclass schedules, sacred journeys and several important messages from Mother Earth and the Universe.

Be A Genie: Create Love, Success and Happiness

This book is a life-transforming treasure map for Love, Success and Happiness. You'll learn how to Be A Genie, and follow the easy steps and keys to creating your heart's desire with your partner, the Universe. The simple five-step Genie System introduces you to practical tools to help you realize your life dreams and goals, and is backed up by solid science, secrets of sacred geometry, quantum physics and even chaos theory.

Supreme Feminine Essence Free Video TeleSummit

Do you ever ask yourself if it’s possible to stay connected to your feminine essence when sometimes it seems more of a chore than a joy? Do you wonder what it takes to access higher levels of joy, confidence and inner guidance? What about the basics of self love compared to just plain ‘selfishness’ and the connection with your […]

The World Intuition TeleSummit

Join Maureen along with 35+ other profound and inspiring teachers, and Develop Your Amazing 7th Sense…
Remember when you were a child? You heard voices, saw colors, were fascinated by stories of magic, fairies, auras and angels and different forms of energy?

Remember how if you connected with it they placated you or diminished you or dismissed it all by calling it […]