Numerology is an ancient science applied to modern times that enables you to maximize your time and effort. We work with Pythagorean numerology to evaluate your name, your company name(s), your partners' names, etc. Our goal is to create numbers that work synergistically and harmonize with your goals.

Maureen has conducted countless numerology reports for individuals since 1985. Now she specializes in supporting businesses and limits her practice to corporate naming. There is a minimum 2-hour session for all incorporation consultations for $299. Maureen requires preparation time as well as time on the phone with you, so she may have time to review your information and then brainstorm with you.

Please note we do give priority to numerology requests regarding incorporation and will schedule you as soon as possible based on your urgency.

Maureen will review the name(s), purpose and goals you are considering from a numerology perspective and also from a business success standpoint. She will evaluate names that are under consideration to make sure they harmonize with your name, your partners' names, goals and dates of birth. As a direct channel, she can also look into the positive energy around your business and name selections and verify the name with the greatest energy for your happiness and financial success.

Maureen says, "John Lennon was known for chanting. During the early years of the Beatles, he drove their van all over Europe, asking all inside to respond to his call, 'Where are we going?' 'Straight to the top!' 'What will we find when we get there?' 'Fame and fortune!' Paul recalls, 'We forgot to include happiness.'"

Please provide:

  • Your due date for needing this information
  • Your legal name
  • Any partners' legal names
  • Your birthday and those of all partners
  • Your street address (especially your unit/apartment/suite number if you have one)
  • The same summary you provided to astrologer Madeline Gerwick (if you consulted her)
  • Any other information you think is pertinent.
After just two half-sessions, we clarified my name, business name, title, a tag line, and a few other items. Some of these questions had been tormenting for me for six years, so the sessions provided some much needed relief. I feel much more in harmony with myself and confident in moving forward.
Holly, Trainer