You are lovingly invited to join us and experience the Magic, Myths and Mysteries of Scotland with spiritual guidance while enjoying the beauty, love and laughter of this entertaining land.

Sponsored by Archangel Michael... and the Dragons!

I've been guided to co-lead an amazing tour of Scotland to activate and regenerate the dragon energy - and celebrate Archangel Michael. This will be a purposeful, focused, fun-filled trip to beautiful Scotland - the true home of the Mists of Avalon. This is a trip that's been over 6 years in the making! Please join us.

Scotland-LogoScotland has magic and mysteries - even I don't know about - but I'm ready to discover them. YOU?

Join us as we weave our way through carefully selected sites, listening to the tales and experiencing the energies. There will be a balance of spiritual discovery, comfortable accommodations, good food and the fun of traditional Scottish entertainment!

When I first started getting very serious messages from the Dragons, and dragon visuals in the sky - I couldn't ignore it. Maybe it's time for you to do this too. I need you - and my feeling is that you need me here too!

Scotland Journey
Jane Wardlaw, a Canadian and magical shaman, is married to Scotsman Hugh Gilbert who brings a wealth of tour guidance experience. Hugh is a knight in the Scottish order of the Knights Templar, and is well versed in Scottish rites and authentic history. This is one trip you won't want to miss!!! This magical journey, led by three goddesses and a knight, will be mystical, contemplative and fulfilling. Any trip with me is pretty memorable and remarkable... Triple that.

Do your part and show up. We need you. Set during the summer break - maybe you can get there on your airline miles or other method (including your dragon...) and show up in Glasgow for 8 magnificent days of fun and adventure as you explore sites rich in ancient history and spirituality, that have become part of the legends of time.

This is big. If you have been attracted to dragons lately, come along! I have Dragon updates for you on my blog, including a great place to pick up some amazing dragon icons.