Some say Tibetans are the most religious people on earth. Certainly their spirituality dominates their culture. You cannot visit Tibet and return the same person. It is not for the faint of heart. A Journey to the Gateway to Heaven on Earth will change your life forever.

Join Maureen for this amazing sacred journey to Tibet.

Maureen's mission is to provide opportunities for individuals to travel and experience their history alongside their future in the present. You will be with many kindred spirits, everyday men and women who demonstrate a keen desire for their own spiritual mastery. This will be a very special journey.

We will be arriving along with the spring season. We can expect sunny skies most of the time. Although daytime temperatures may be as warm as 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit, the nights could be very, very cold.

I wondered why we were going to Tibet the first time in 2007 - when Drunvalo told me that the energy of Tibet was weak. Then it became clear when we were asked to work with Pink Tara! We are now going back with a fresh purpose to renew and expand that energy. I am honored to travel with you to the Gateway to Heaven on Earth!

TEI is pleased to work with the foremost American guide in Tibet, Mr. Gary Wintz. He and his former partner were the first westerners to live in Tibet after Communist rule. He has worked with such luminaries as Gregg Braden and escorted thousands of tours since 1985. With his intimate knowledge of Tibet and Tibetan culture, Gary has lectured at many universities, including Harvard and Yale, and at organizations such as the National Geographic Society. Gary is the International Guide used by both Gregg Braden and Power Places Tours. Gary will guide your Tibetan Journey with Maureen.

Join TEI for a phenomenal journey to the Gateway to Heaven on Earth.

Although this will be a fun journey, all Sacred Journeys with Transformational Enterprises, Inc. should be considered pilgrimages and contain many opportunities to grow, not only in your personal knowledge, but your spiritual experience as well. This trip will be challenging due to the extreme weather conditions we may encounter at high altitude. Many make this trip by preparing physically as well as mentally and spiritually.