Photos from the Tibet Sacred Journey in 2007.  Click on any photo to view a larger version.

Video from the Tibet Sacred Journey in 2007

Maureen inside Sakya Monastery, Tibet

The outside is surrounded by hundreds of prayer wheels that are turned daily by monks and visitors alike. Near to Shigatse, the first monastery of one of the major traditions of Tibetan Buddhism was built in 1034.

Sakya is the former seat of Tibetan Government. A very special place, the Sakya tradition developed during the second period of translation of the buddhist scripture from Sanskrit into Tibetan in the late 11th century.

The following scenes are our visit to the Duprang Monastery, then a beautiful view from the roof of the Duprang Monastery, the room full of Colorful Thankas - Tibetan Prayer Flags, and a close-up view of a shrine called the Sacred Mountain, and finally a scenic stop as we drive over the final pass leaving Tibet.

Enjoy more of the beauty and majesty of Tibet. Photos provided by Dan Cutright, photographer.    Click on any photo to view a larger version.

For an extra treat visit the Himalayan Museum in New York City, the Rubin Museum of Art. If NYC isn't on your travel list and you don't live in that majestic city, feast your eyes on this wonderful website featuring their incredible collection of Tibetan art: Himalayan Art Exhibit

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