The River of Golden Opportunity, when called into your energy, is available to you to support everything you do. It provides answers to questions, clears family issues and petty feuds; it brings an abundance of security, safety and solutions to everything you can think of. You can let it magically fulfill your wishes and dreams. See it mend broken hearts. See it turn you into a money magnet. See it bless and guide you in important decisions. See it mend the ills of shame, sorrow and regret. Let it fill you with a deep love for all of life, a deep love for those around you and a deep love for YOU.

I just did the meditation Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity. It is wonderful, I felt so much unconditional love there were tears. Amazing, but just hearing you voice to me invokes unconditional love. Thank you for this wonderful gift. I feel just Golden.

Carol Cire, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist