Allow me to take you on a journey – an Ascension Journey


Have you heard the calling?

Do you have a knowing that your soul has a purpose to serve humanity in a bigger way?  Are you ready to honor your calling?

Join Ascension Institute II

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Announcing a New Year 2017-2018!

Isn't it time? Are you interested, and ready to make the decision to be part of the solution for yourself, your family and the planet?

For Ascension Institute II we have wonderful experiences, training, and education planned for you. You'll spend four weekends in Paradise - away from the distractions of daily life to make room for your spiritual growth. This years' participants were so thrilled to participate!

Some of you are called, and you know you are, but have hesitated. If you want to do this, ask the Universe to open the door wide, to make it easy for you. We've done our part — and are making it super easy for you. Now is your chance to do something totally amazing for yourself, bringing a level of mastery, health and wisdom to you — well beyond what you have been achieving on your own!

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Listen to what Brenda, from Puerto Rico has to say about this training.


... And Lorraine, a current student

The Ascension Institute is a beautifully concentrated course that encompasses all of Maureen’s teachings over many years. Within one year of teaching, supervising, meditating and practicing all the skills that Maureen teaches us absolutely bring us to a 5D way of living, with more certainty about who we are and what is our mission on this earth.

I am very happy I joined Maureen in this new venture. Maureen is authentic, supportive and joyful! The benefit of the one year program is that you get to practice regularly all the gems that she teaches so you do ascend whether you want or not. A fabulous experience, well worth the investment.

Lorraine L.
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Application is easy.

Just answer some simple questions about yourself and your needs regarding this work. Submit your completely refundable deposit to confirm your interest! Why do we ask for a deposit? We work with people who are serious, believe they might want to do this and are ready to qualify.  Are you one of them?

Not everyone who applies is accepted. If you do not apply - how will you know?

The spiritual work, initiations, growth, and skills you learn will be profound

Learn powerful techniques to handle big emotions and life altering meditations and techniques to expand your consciousness.  Maureen is a direct channel to Source and will use her wisdom channel to guide and direct the sessions. You will get personal attention from a woman who has devoted her life to helping clients achieve spiritual mastery.

Includes four full weekends with Maureen in an intimate, interactive format.

2017 - 2018  Begins in the Fall of 2017. We meet at four beautiful locations – away from any distractions in fall, winter, spring and summer. Plus -weekly conference calls and direct access to Maureen St. Germain.

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Want More Information?

Still undecided? This video will give you a little more information about what you may expect as part of your training in the Ascension Institute.

Many Blessings,


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You know you belong and you are a candidate if you:

  • Care deeply about Mother Earth and your relationship to the earth
  • You want a deeper spirituality in your life
  • You are interested in helping others succeed because YOU have success but haven't figured out how you make a difference.
  • You are interested in developing deep relationships with significant few others and seeking tools to make that happen
  • You believe in education - and are willing to sustain change through a deeply personal growth process
  • You are intensely interested in spiritual and psychological development
  • You desire equality for men and women
  • You desire meaning in life
  • You are optimistic about life
  • You are already a seeker, yet ready for greater change – and ready to transform yourself and those around you
  • You want your own life to have a greater meaning than you have now
  • You understand the merit of good fiscal management yet aren't focused on making money
  • You get it that learning Ascension tools will change the reality and you are ready to be at the frontlines of this shift
  • You are inspired to activate or accelerate your own ascension process, for your own benefit and so you can help others
  • You are neither left nor right in politics and intend to be part of the solutions of the future

You will be attracted to this program as part of your soul family work. You may not know the participants, but they are part of your soul family.

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Recent Endorsements of Maureen St. Germain

Having a reading from Maureen is the very best that there is!! I have had monthly readings for over two years and i would not trade those valuable times of input of profound wisdom and guidance for anything. These sessions have helped me to mature spiritually and move to another level in my professional life.
Ella M. McElwee, ND, HmD, PhD, Health By Choice

What will the Ascension Institute teach you?

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