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Ritual and Ceremony!

Do you have enough Ritual in your life?
Maureen discusses the importance of ritual, ceremony […]

From the Flower of Life Blog

Red-Gold Healing Field
Red-Gold Energy Field The new Multi-Dimensional MerKaBa is and incredible gift to humanity and to us. It is NOT pictured here! Instead you are looking at an energy tool that came through the Multidimensional 5-D MerKaBa. More on the 5D MerKaBa Sacred Geometry 365 created by artist, Endre Balogh at the same time as this field appeared to me! Note: this image is copyrighted and stamped, used with permission. Don't use this one, instead get yourself a clean print on his website. We are so fortunate that it finally found it's way to me. The lady who brought it forth almost reached out ... continue →
Sat, Jan 24, 2015, Continue reading at the source
Maureen J. StGermain, Merkaba, Akashic Records reader and Spiritual Teacher

Maureen J. St. Germain & Transformational Enterprises, Inc.

Our objective is to assist you in becoming the highest you can be in any given moment. The mission of TEI is to be an inspiration to all with whom we come in contact and to give you, our co-worker on this planet, a sense of self along with a passion and compassion for all of life that will last your entire lifetime!  – Maureen J. St. Germain, President

Maureen St. Germain is a facilitator of personal development and spiritual awakening.  As a seeker she shares the knowledge she has gained from over twenty-five years of study in ancient truths.  Maureen leads amazing sacred journeys and is known for her books on ascension, Akashic Records readings, the MerKaBa meditation and the Flower of Life.  Maureen is also a master numerologist and spiritual consultant.

Transformational Enterprises, Inc. is the business identity of all that Maureen offers.  From Workshops and Teleclasses that transform to AroMandalas® Essential Oil Blends to publishing books, audio and video for the spiritual community, TEI is also a facilitator of global transformation.

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